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  • Jenny Hytönen


  • Juha Könkkölä


  • Emilia Ojala

    Forest Animals

  • Malin Gustafsson

    Frustration, Routine

  • Anna-Karoliina Vainio

    Love is Both Honey and Venom

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Forest Animals

Emilia Ojala, 2019

In the animation Spirits of the Forest, we see a six-legged three-eyed elk circled by hiisi – spirit creatures. The Swan, surrounded by water-lilies, reveals a mystical eye. The Bear, originating from the constellations of the heavens is surrounded by moon phases. Here it shifts into a beast, like the hare the bringer of good luck jumping amongst the shamrocks.


Jenny Hyvönen, 2019

In the video Nectar we start off with a still life, a classic image with a moralizing aspect. This all soon gets destroyed by a shiny pair of boots. Artist Jenny Hytönen applied to the exhibition with the accopmpanying text: 'I will crush you'; she is interested in power structures and our warped relationship with nature.


Juha Könkkölä, 2020

When Juho Könkkölä folds an origami figure it takes him about two months most of which goes to planning. He uses only a toothpick and some water to moisturize the paper, no scissors or glue. Each figure is folded from one singular paper and can contain up to 1500 folds.

Love is Both
Honey and Venom

Anna-Karoliina Vainio, 2019

According to Anna-Karoliina Vainio minorities are often portrayed with a tragic tone. Her soft and colourful ryijy-tapestry becomes a safe space where everone can be themselves. The little paradise is protected by tigers with glittering eyes, and cherubs declare the message of love: that love is both honey and venom.

Frustration, Routine

Malin Gustafsson

In Malin Gustafssons playful and colourful world objects are protrayed in a new light. You can easily get frustrated over the vase that never is quite right. Daily routines also become complicated when something is off: too many and too long cords to charge your mobile or a raw egg cracked in the wrong place. The options are many.

Combined Shape